Sunday 099My friend gave a compass to Kaiser, you can see it in the picture. It is heavy and shiny, it has a large metal clasp to fasten it to your jacket. Kaiser put it on his backpack for the hike to church.

Sunday morning, Tamara left early because she had to prepare for Advent. Kaiser and I ate, then got ready for church. I let him pack his backpack with things to do during the service. He picked four large picture books and two action figures: Godzilla and the ice dragon. I have to say he played responsibly during the church service. Aside from singing the ABC’s outloud during the service, he did quite well. The pictures below are from our walk to church.

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Over the weekend, one of our friends had a birthday. This family, the Browns, came to Korea the same time we did. Thier son, Kayden, is the same age as Kaiser. They play well together and enjoy eachother’s company. He’s my other favorite American boy.

Tamara is sharing Advent Sunday mornings with our church. Our little church service has East Indians, British, Americans and Koreans. Each of us will be sharing a special Christmas tradition from their country each week. I have been practicing guitar as to share some Christmas songs with my family. Tamara will play piano, I will play guitar, and we will sing together. (We are relying heavily on Tamara’s musical skills. Heavily.)