Sledding Dec 13 003The weekend was a quiet, lazy, restful, fun time. We didn’t have any serious plans, or any major commitments, just family. It snowed on Sunday, so we headed right out to the sled hill as early as possible!

Saturday, I got up first and enjoyed my first cup of coffee in quiet, then Kaiser got up and we watched Clone Wars while eating breakfast. As Mom got up, Kaiser and I strolled down to the hardware stores to look at tools. We also visited the staionary store and the dollar store. Afterwards, we met Mom at Mr. Pizza for lunch. Mr. Pizza has free coffee for customers. The coffee machine grinds the beans and makes your selection as you stand there.

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(Below) On Saturday, after lunch, we headed over to Kaiser’s TKD school for a party. Kids get point tickets when they do well in class, and they spend them at the party. There’s a wide selection of snacks and toys for the kids. Most of the kids stay for over an hour to play with friends and enjoy the party atmosphere.

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(Below) At church, we celebrated Rachel’s second birthday. She is a sweet girl who has become a part of our family. She usually sits we me or Tamara during church. She is also Kaiser’s sister (they always reach for the same thing).

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After church, we strolled home together. I let Kaiser climb along the boulders for a whole block. He loves it!

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