Water Slide 164Beach:

We joined our friends for a road trip to the shore. We drove north to a beach that is famous for its rock formations. The cliffs and beach have been formed by years of tidal flow. When the tide is out beachgoers can walk out to the natural sculptures. We spent quite a while walking along the beach. It was great to see and hear the ocean again!

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For lunch we went across the street for noodles and seafood. Tamara and I like seafood, but Kaiser loves it! For every mussel he ate, our friends gave him two more. He gobbled them and ate a bowl of noodles too. It was such a good meal!


After lunch, we visited an indoor water park at a resort. Our friends went to a sauna, while we went to the water park. We had four hours to run (swim) wild! So we did. Kaiser was in the water for three solid hours! He went down all the slides, rode in his tube, drifted around, sat in the bubble jets, splashed in the kiddie pool, and ran around the water playground. He even went under the waterfall outside. He did it all! What did Mom and Dad do? We enjoyed his youthful enthusiasm and played too. It was the perfect place for a four-year old.

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Driving home:

On the way home, we drove along the shoreline so we could watch the sun set. We stopped at an observation deck and enjoyed the view.

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