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We had no idea how sick Kaiser was. During the day he would eat and play normaly, but at night he had trouble breathing and had a high fever. We took him to the doctors and they treated him for asthma and bronchitis. His health, however, deteriorated. We decided in the middle of the night to take him to the hospital.

First we took a taxi to our local hospital. The ER Doc wouldn’t treat him because Kaiser was too young. I put Kaiser and Tamara in another taxi to go to the Peds hospital south of town. I went home to pack and get supplies for the hospital stay.

Tamara called thirty minutes later to say the Peds hospital was closed. They had just started new hours. She got back in the taxi and headed to another hospital. It was open and Kaiser was seen.

We spent twelve hours in a triage room. Doctors performed tests to determine his illness. The waiting wasn’t too bad because we were actually in a room in the back corner, it was quiet and private. The rest of ER was lined with patients and family members. we shared our room with a little boy and grandfather, whom we adopted and cared for while we were there.

Eventually Kaiser was admitted and we made our way to his room, which we shared with a mother and young girl. The young girl was in critical care for respitory illness.

Tamara stayed with Kaiser 24/7, while I spent the day and went home at night. During our dark night, we tried to be a light to those around us. Tamara reached out to the mother next to us, I looked after the grandfather and boy, and Kaiser gave Valentine cards to the nurses.

We are grateful for the many people who prayed for us, who visited and encouraged us. I’m also glad that I am on vacation. My family can have my full attention.

The night we got home, we gave Kaiser a long, comforting hot shower and let him watch his favorite movie. Then I took him for a walk and watched the grapple tear down a building to make something new.

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