IMG_4694Kaiser built his first model by himself. We walked down to the toy store where he picked out a helicopter. We took it home and sat together while he opened the box, unfolded the directions and followed them. He worked intently, matching the small pieces to the paper, turning them until they fit. I snapped them into place, but he did all the thinking.

Later, when he was sleeping I glued all the pieces together and primed the model. The next day when I finished work, I stopped by the hardware store and bought green #333, the closest to a military green as I could find. Then we painted our bird.

Total cost: glue $1.00, model $1.00, green paint $2.00, primer $3.50.

I have heard successful people say many times that life’s challenges are a series of puzzles that have to be handled and appreciated to be figured out. I have no intention of directing his thoughts while he builds these aircraft. They are his problem to appreciate. The frustration and accomplishments are his.

My son just got a college education for less than ten-dollars.

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