baseball 181We went to a Sunday afternoon game to watch our local team, the KIA Tigers play the Nexen Heroes. Our team is pretty good, but most teams are just better. We don’t win as often, but this time the Tigers made their best effort in the ninth inning and won it for the home crowd!

One of the reasons we moved to Gwangju is because of the baseball team. The local fans are fiercely loyal, the tickets are cheap and we can get a direct bus. It’s good family time for us. Last year we went for Kaiser’s birthday and got him the team jersey and hat; last year it went down to his knees. This year it fits in the shoulders. He loves his Tigers! We’re glad to have a fun affordable family hobby like this. When we don’t go to the stadium, we walk down to the corner store, buy some snacks and watch on the big screen.


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