zilla1Godzilla 004I finally got to see a great monster movie in a theater–and not just a theater, but IMAX 3D! The IMAX theater is about 40 minutes south on bus #26, so I left a couple hours early so I wouldn’t feel rushed and I could eat there before the movie. It was Sunday afternoon; pretty busy. I got a ticket for the five o’clock showing. The theater was only half full and I had a premium seat!

I think the days of a rubber suit ‘Zilla are over, it just becomes too comical. This movie had a good story which included a normal, functioning family. The mom and dad were happy together; neither was an alcoholic, or duplicitous. There also a soldier who lead a sincere prayer and none of the other soldiers jeered. Those were plus points. The rest of the movie was kaiju fighting and destroying cities. It was great!

Godzilla 005zilla2