I somehow always spend my last five dollars on Kaiser. Whether at the beginning, or end of the week, I always  drop my last fin on him. Here’s what we’ve done recently.

hwstrade1Saturday morning we went to the pizza joint to trade Hot Wheels. I don’t give Kaiser Hot Wheels anymore, he has to trade for them, that way, he has to give something up in order to get something else. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere–and trading is fun.

On our way home, we stopped by a little store and found this dart rifle for two-bucks. He asked politely, I said ok. We usually don’t buy anything, but this day was intended to be an indoor resting day, we could use it for indoor hunting. He wants to grow up and be a hunter like Papa.

New Rifle 147a

The last thing I got was a headlamp. In the spring and summer, I don’t mind breaking curfew to go on bug walks. We’ve found some pretty amazing bugs doing this, and he learned the word nocturnal. I got him this because I want him to learn to take care of equipment, but he can’t learn that if he doesn’t have any. Now his hands are free for digging and pulling back leaves. We carry a small red plastic rake to use, just to be a little safer.

The headlamp was a real esteem booster. He’s so excited to go out on new adventures.

Outreach dinner 209I don’t think spending much on a child is necessary, but if it feeds his imagination, I’m probably getting it. If it’s five-bucks.