Sept Misc 052Sadly, it was time for Grandma to go home. Kaiser was devastated. Now everything in the apartment reminds him of Grandma. He’s happy/sad. Grandma left little notes and presents for him to find after she left. That helped.

IMG_3469We walked up to the valley to catch frogs in the rice fields, but didn’t see any. We walked all along the terraces, poked in the bushes, waited patiently in our favorite spot, alas, for nothing. The dragonflies are gone, as are the butterflies, mantis, and bees. We only caught a few grasshoppers. There was one surprise waiting for us, some deer tracks. Korea has a kind of deer called a water deer. I saw one here a year ago–which is like seeing a unicorn.

Earlier in the day, Kyz and I went to the toy store to get a pair of walkie-talkies. When you go on adventures, you should have walkie-talkies. The guy at the toy store kindly and generously gave us free batteries and installed them too. As we walked down the street to the bus stop, we chatted and laughed on the radios even though we were right next to each other. We put on a good show for all the busy shoppers. “10-4, good buddy!”. (You can see his radio on his belt.)


IMG_3481We lit up some sparklers in the cool autumn evening breeze. We don’t need jackets yet, but we will soon. We’ve had our last hurrah, now we prepare for fall.