SuncheonOct2014 163We recently visited friends in Suncheon. Suncheon Bay has a protected wetlands that can be explored by walking along the expansive boardwalk. All of the natural beauty can be appreciated without disturbing any of it. If you are planning a visit to Korea, please visit here.

The friends we visited are a few of the first friends we made in Korea. In fact, their daughter Nuri, is Kaiser’s first friend. They have grown together. While we were visiting Suncheon, it was like three couples, instead of two families. The two kids play well together.

The church we attend in Suncheon founded a bible school; grades K-12. They asked me to help staff the school, so I am in recruiter mode. The pastor and wife ministry team is remarkable. They are the most genuine, trustworthy people. They are steadfast and admirable, to say the least.

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