barcelona 001 We had two great opportunities to get caught up with some favorite friends. Andrea, who lived here a couple years ago, came back to Korea to visit. She surprised everyone at church–everyone except Tamara, she knew, and made a homemade chocolate cake!

We also met with Mr. Yeom, and his wife and daughter. It is always a pleasure to this wonderful family. Their daughter was recently accepted into a prestigious Korean university. Her mother and father took her to Spain to celebrate. They brought this beautiful coffee mug for Tamara; the coffee is from Tamara’s mother.

I took Kaiser out for pizza. It’s our father/son thing. I can get a pizza and Coke for ten bucks, and spend an hour listening to my son chat the whole time. Good memories for both of us.

I also have a severe cold, even though I feel fine. The doc said I need to take some meds for the week and go back for a check-up next Monday.