localflowers 004

Sunday morning, between 06:00 and 08:00 hours. The streets are empty, the neighborhoods are quiet, the air is calm. There is no traffic. I went out to take pictures of the local blossoms–proof that winter has ended, and new life is upon us.

We live in a city of two million people, sometimes we have to squint to see the beauty–but it is always there if you look. Others want to see beauty in the cityscape too, so they plant gardens. In Korea, there are gardens in every open patch of dirt. On the mountains, gardens and cemeteries share the same field. Life and memories are along the same path.

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It is common to see gardens in constructions sites, next to abandoned buildings, and on high-rise window ledges. As you walk down the sidewalk, you might be overwhelmed with the ironic juxtaposition of the desire to manipulate nature, and to revive it. Either way, if you look for beauty, you will find it!

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