yard sale 006

I built an altar in the field
So I’ll remember
Back to this time when it’s so real
That I am loved and not alone
And if I pass by here again
I’ll be able to see
My life was scattered like these stones,
Until the Lord began to gather me.
I built an altar in the field
So I’ll remember.

I built an altar in this field
In honor, in memory
Of the many graces I’ve been shown,
And the ones I’ve yet to see.
And so I leave this symbol
Fashioned by my hands
A marker of a love I will never understand
I leave an altar in the field

And when I’m lost inside my sorrow
Overtaken by my fear
When I am wandering in my wilderness perhaps the Lord will lead me here
To this altar in the field, where I’ll remember.
Oh, I will remember.

Music and lyrics: Bob Bennett