busview 013

Had to visit the doc recently, that means nearly an hour on the bus to get across town to the university hospital. I visited my local doctor and he referred me to a specialist–I’ve been here before.

This is where we ended up in ER at 3:00am when our son had pneumonia. We were in ER for 12 hours while we waited to be placed and begin a week of treatment. He had a spinal tap here. Too many bad memories. See the post here.

busview 015

But we persevere and carry on. It is our duty. I do like this hospital–the staff are great: kind, professional, helpful… In fact, while I was here, I saw an old Korean war veteran who was wearing a medal around his neck. I walked across the crowded waiting room and hugged him. I held his medal up, said thank you, and hugged him again.

busview 011

On my way out, I also hugged a tired medical student. Persevere, son. Carry on.