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We were invited to have a Friday dinner with the Facenda family. It’s an hour bus ride to their part of town on the #29. A bit of a jaunt, but a good way to start the weekend. It’s always good for American kids to play together, they can speak English, play football, Star Wars and army guys, without having to explain. Expat kids and Third Culture Kids need each other.

Here is the view from the top of their new home.

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As a father of a boy, I always like to see what occupies my son’s hands; what interests him. I noticed Yaechan by himself on the rooftop handling some stones. He was stacking them. I would find this to be very satisfying and therapeutic (although, I don’t know why). Nice pictures of an American boy alone with his thoughts.

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After dinner, John and I ran to a coffee shop for some macchiatos to enjoy with Rachel’s homemade cheesecake–it was great!

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