hansebongtadpoles 024

Kaiser and I spent the day out in the fields, gardens and rice paddies looking for frogs and treasures. There is an expansive community garden a few blocks away. It’s near a small Buddhist temple and an infantry training facility. We brought a tuna sandwich and stopped by a small shop to get chips and drinks.

While we were visiting the community garden, we encountered some angry bees and Kaiser got stung. I had to pick him up and run for it! When we were far enough away, I set him down, removed the stinger and put a cold can of juice on his eye–and wiped his tears. Not long after that, we were at the park eating lunching and back to playing–but he avoided all bees, flying insects, and flowers for the rest of the day!

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The pictures below are of the valley near our home. There are rice paddies with hundreds of tadpoles–and mud, mud, mud! We also got to see the elusive pheasant that calls out when we arrive.