northtrip 058Yes, I took my son to (not in) North Korea. We went on a DMZ tour along the Northern Limit Line. The NLL is the maritime DMZ and it is the closest to NK at 1.8K. It’s close enough to see the village across the river.

Why? Because I want God to teach him something. I want his heart to be stirred, to be understanding, and to have life experience. I him to have contrasts in his life; the ability to appreciate life, and to be invested in world news.

We traveled for two days: trains, taxis and buses. We took a taxi to the train station, where we went to Seoul, where we took the Metro to our hotel. Early the next morning, the tour bus picked us up and took us to Ganghwado, where the NLL is located. There is barbed wire and sentries all along the way. We also visited two military museums.

Given the gravity of the real-life situation here, we had a wonderful day together. We chatted the whole time, had learning moments, good food, mother’s prayers, and hope along the way. I’m grateful for these times.

Photos of North Korea.

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Photos of military stuff.

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Along the way.