Black Canyon July 2016 Blog (2)

We live near the Black Canyon (Colorado) and like to visit for hikes and the hermosa vistas. The canyon is a nation park and recieves visitors from around the country and around the world. While we were in the information center, we stood by two German families. While I was pumping gas the day before, I met a man from New York who drove a motorcycle across the country to visit here and to see friends in Denver.

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We hiked for a couple of hours, taking our time to enjoy the flora, the rock show (the unusual rock formations with moss and lichen), and to peer into the canyon from the obersvation decks. The park has many guided activities for those who want to learn about the canyon’s history and geology, about wildlife, and about astronomy. While we were there, a park ranger was helping visitors use a solarscope to safetly observe the sun. The Black Canyon is the only Black Sky park in Colorado; you can observe the heavenly wonders without light pollution(!).

After hiking we went home for ice cream.