DenverTripJune2017 (11)
The view from our fourth-floor balcony on the education building.

I spent the past week in Denver for a week of training at Denver University. My story unfolds in the university district around Evans Street and High Street, where the restaurants are.

DenverTripJune2017 (4)
The Jerusalem Restaurant, Denver, Colorado.

My first lunch was at the Jerusalem Restaurant. We ordered gyros, stuffed grape leaves, and the combination platter. The food was perfect and the atmosphere was pleasant, especially as we ate on the patio, enjoying the sunny weather. We were glad to have lunch here.


DenverTripJune2017 (7)
The Jelly Cafe, Denver, Colorado.

The next day we visited Jelly Cafe. The atmosphere is jovial and the wait staff are fun and attentive. For lunch I ordered the SLT: salmon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. This restaurant was fun to visit, the food was good, and it was the most memorable lunch experience.

DenverTripJune2017 (9)

We visited other restaurants, but I also went on a mini-adventure across town. I wanted to visit The Wizard’s Chest. This is a large store with gadgets, magic supplies, costumes, and most importantly, board games. I was interested in getting the expansion packs for the deck-building game Star Realms. We have been playing for over a year, but the expansion packs are not available locally and the on-line prices are too high–I found five expansion packs at The Wizard’s Chest!

The Wizard’s Chest, game store in Denver, Colorado.

My friend and I used Uber to get across town from the university. We had a good experience getting to The Wizard’s Chest from Denver University, but getting back…

Getting back to campus was difficult. The Uber app stopped working when we left the store and it started to rain. We were standing on the sidewalk trying every trick to get the Uber app to work and get a ride back to campus. It took two phones and twenty minutes to get an Uber driver to come and get us. The Uber driver, a Beijing, Chinese man–very friendly, attempted to get us to the campus, but he was lost even with GPS! We drove for fifteen minutes and ended up right where he picked us up! (I used the opportunity to practice my Mandarin skills.) We drove the wrong way down one-way streets, drove in circles, fought against traffic, and missed turns–eventually we made it back! I didn’t mind the unintentional tour of Denver; I had time and the ride was free. No harm done! (It was my first time using Uber.)