One of our 0128181849projects over the past year has been to learn how to bake. A man should know how to bake; how to plan ahead, purchase quality ingredients, prepare good food, present it, and he should know how to clean his kitchen.

Once a week our son has been required to bake something and share it with someone, especially someone who needs encouragement.

While in the kitchen, my son is the chef and I, his father, am the sous chef. The chef commands the kitchen; the sous chef supports the chef–he follows orders. As the sous, I also call my son Chef Kaiser: Yes, Chef Kaiser…, Clean towel Chef Kaiser…, Chocolate chips, Chef Kaiser… He was uncomfortable with his new role at first, then he grew into it as his baking skills grew. He became confident and addressed me as Sous Chef Dad (He stands on a chair).

By placing a mantle of authority upon him, he had a vision of himself to grow into. He has a glimpse into the future; of the work place, and the rewards of hard work.