When you live in Colorado, you have hobbies like elk hunting, fishing, hiking, camping… Most of the people I know work for the weekend–they work to support their outdoor hobby; their hobby is their life. Of these pastimes, we chose hiking and fishing because of the minor expenses and high health effect; we play outside (even in the winter, including grilling in a snowstorm) instead of staying indoors to watch tv or play video games. This summer’s fishing has been disappointing though, five fishing trips and no fish. I did however, manage to get some good pictures as the sun rose.




I don’t consider myself a photographer, just a blogger with a camera. I was surprised how well these snaps turned out. I edit with Photoscape, but thats it. I mostly crop the photo to best frame the subject, the sun rise on the water did the rest (I didn’t change any of the colors, blue is blue and orange is orange–go Broncos?). We left the house at 0400 hours and arrived at Blue Mesa Reservoir just after 0500 hours. I drove a little under the speed limit in case deer or elk decided to dash in front of our vehicle.

Even though we didn’t catch any fish, and we lost two lures, my son said, Thanks Dad, that was fun! Maybe it was the potato war–when we stopped for breakfast and threw cubed potatoes at each other, or maybe it was looking for crayfish or pretty rocks; whatever it was, we’ll do it again soon.