One of the local high school football teams has had an amazing season: one loss! They made it to the playoffs, but were soundly defeated on their home field by their visiting rival, Loveland, 42-0.

Football fans who grew up in Colorado remember Elway’s Broncos playing in blizzards in Mile High–that’s just what we do! We all knew it was going to snow during the game; we saw the black clouds rolling in over the mountains toward the city. We all dressed for it: layered clothes, hats, gloves, blankets, hand warmers… The storm didn’t start until half-time, the wind had an icy edge; most stayed, a few fans started leaving. By the end of the game it was snowing and 1/3 of our fans had left, but none of Loveland’s had left–impressive, as we had the wind to our backs and they had it in their faces. We were also impressed with Loveland’s sportsmanship; they were always offering a helping hand to our tackled players and patting them on the back after each play–athleticism and character!