IMG_20191231_164507Over winter break, we adopted a dog named Buster. His family had to move from their farm to a smaller property and couldn’t take him. They were immensely sad to lose him, and we are incredibly happy to have him! He seems to be a mix of Lab and Heeler; his personality is sweet, affectionate, and playful. He bonded well with Luna, our Border Collie. They live well together, often playing and even frolicking. Although he’s a big dog, he is loving & loyal; he’s my Clydesdale puppy! He cries when we leave for the day and waits at the gate to greet us when we get home!



rocket1When you live in a winter State, you don’t stop living because of a little snow. Our contribution to rocket science has continued despite flurries. Grandma added a new rocket to our space fleet. Over break we went out a few times to launch rockets. We had a range of weather from whiteout to sunny. We adhered reflective paper around the rocket so it would glimmer as it ascended/descended–that helped up spot the rocket and retrieve it (Thanks to my sister for the reflective paper!)


IMG_20191226_140615We spent time adding to our manly skills by changing the oil in the Jeep and learning to use a jigsaw. Kids at this age are open to new ideas and experiences, so we make sure he has a variety of experiences to draw from as he grows. Also, kids this age need to be kept busy with meaningful work: yard work, wood chopping, animal care, cooking & cleaning, and especially reading (complimented with academic conversation).

kivamoney1My sister sent an incredibly heavy package. It was a bank full of loose change. In our house we don’t call loose coins pocket change, we call coins Kiva money. Kive is a microloan effort that creates loans for people in developing countries. There was $80 in Kiva money in the coin bank and wee added to it for a round $100. We completed loans for four more people in Kenya, El Salvadore, Nigeria, and Kyrgyzstan.


No vacation is complete without a trip to the ER. A common winter injury, a trip to the hospital, and a few days indoors recovering (with mother’s love!). While they were in the ER, an ambulance driver saw our son sitting and waiting while he walked by–and came back with a brand new Hot Wheels! I think we’re going to be ok!