I turned fifty this year and wanted to do more to challenge myself. I joined Goruck and Ruckdotbeer/Monthly rucking challenges.

Ruck clubs challenge people of all ages and levels to put on a weighted ruck and trek a few miles. Rucking is about physical and mental endurance; it’s about pushing yourself to excel and complete a challenge.

I completed a basic Ruckdotbeer challenge just to inform my body that we will no longer be comfortable and pain-free, we will be rucking!

My workplace is one mile from my home, so I started rucking to and from work each day. This made me rearrange my daily life and how I thought about my daily life, and to make time for training my legs, back, and mind. After a couple weeks, I completed twenty basic ruck miles and earned my 20.20 patch to start the new year–but all of this was just to get ready for the greater challenges of the Goruck Pathfinder/Foreward challenges!


pathfinder1In the Pathfinder/Forward program, you are required to ruck a total of 75 miles, complete 20 rigorous workouts, and complete four out of eight strenuous challenges. I chose to complete these four challenges: 12-mile timed ruck, 5,000 push-ups, 8-mile coupon carry, and 8-mile mountain ruck (A coupon is an extra, weighted item you carry to make sure the ruck is challenging, it has to be heavy and annoying. My coupon was a 60# log.). In February, I successfully completed the first three challenges and will complete the 8-mile mountain ruck next week.

During the week, I do ten ruck miles for not driving to work. After work, I do a basic fitness ruck workout–not the extensive required ruck workout, I save those for the weekend. When it’s time to complete a ruck-mile challenge like the 12-mile or 8-mile, I drive out to the adobe hills, then drive out the required miles, measuring with my odometer, then drive back to the starting point. Then I ruck out to the final mile marker and return.


The above picture shows where I did my 8 & 12-milers. I will do my mountain ruck in the Pinaccles or the Black Canyon–wherever the snow allows me.



If you are interested in ruck life challenges, you can find more info here: