As we navigate the national emergency, we have decided to simply wait and rest, and what is more restful than sitting around a campfire?


This past week my son and I continued to do our ruck miles and workouts. One of his rucking challenges was to ruck 86 flights of stairs (only going up counts) to commemorate 86 firefighters who passed away over the past year. We reached out to the local fire station to ask if he could climb their double staircase–they said yes! After visiting the fire station once each week for a few weeks, he completed his 86/86 ruck challenge. The firefighter on duty awarded the patch to him–that was cool!


Over the next few weeks, it seems we will be homeschooling. We usually do over the summer anyway. Our summer schedule is mini-lessons, sports, adventuring, and days in & days out (alternating at home/travel days). Our mini-lessons will be core classes: English, math, science, social studies. During our home days, he will practice violin, play board games, shoot BB guns, play with the dogs, ride his bike, camp in the backyard. During our out-days, we will go fishing, get ruck miles, hit baseballs, and play disk golf.