My son and I signed up for a Rucks on Parade challenge, the D-day Ruck, to commemorate this event in World War II history. The full challenge is 26 ruck miles, but we chose the half-challenge and split the miles: Six each.

We decided that three miles up the Dillon Pinnacles, and three miles back would be sufficiently challenging–it was! There is no path up the side of the mesa. We had to climb up through oak scrub and over scree. After two and a half hours, we made it to the very top and settled in under a large pine tree for lunch. Our lunch was donated by an Army friend who gave us two MRE’s. I had the spaghetti and my son had the chili. They were actually quite good; we ate every bite!

While we were up there, we raised the flag of one of our ruck clubs: Cleveland Area Ruck Club (CARC). The mascot is Rufus, so we raised Rufus in the Colorado breeze.

It was a good thing we went on that day, as it has since snowed and the Gunnison trail will soon close due to snow.