Reading the Bible is good for your soul. Reading the Pizza Bible is good for your stomach.

Too Fine Gents, my son and I, will be randomly choosing a pizza recipe and making it on the weekend. We will study the recipe together, drive around town for the best ingredients, then begin preparations.

The New Have White Clam pizza is both unique & fantastic. It does not have red sauce; it does not have any sauce. You place the cheese directly on the dough, then add the prepared clams. We have never handled clams, or cooked with them before. In fact, it is difficult for us to imagine pizza without pepperoni, tomato sauce, and mozzarella. It’s hard to imagine a pizza that isn’t frozen or from a box store, but a pizza this good can easily help us re-imagine pizza!

New Haven White Clam pizza is an east coast standard with a deeply rooted local history; it’s a part of Connecticut history. One of the advantages of the summer pizza challenge is that we also gain broader food palate, and a better sense of American food culture.

The weekly pizza is made for my wife, his mom. Extra care is put into the pie. Every detail is tended to. The pizza must be fantastic for our audience of one! She was really happy with this one. The dough was good, the combination of cheeses was good, and the clams were perfect!

The recipe is fairly simple, new pizzaiolos like us enjoyed the challenges, the delicious mistakes, and making a good pie for mom!