Pizza experiment #8 was a Calzonewich. This is a calzone without the traditional pizza filling, instead there is the traditional filling for an east coast Italian sub sandwich. Our calzone was a BOMB! We didn’t get that right at all. We did however, have a good section that we completed the calzonewich with Italian sub sandwich meats. The calzonewich is finished with a light vinaigrette. My wife really enjoyed this part of the experiment while the cooking team, Chef and Sous Chef, savoured the mistakes. The calzone bomb was still good; just looked like it was trampled by an elephant.

Calzone Bomb.
The good stuff.

Pizza experiment #9 was a create-your-own pizza. My son the chef had a friend over, so the chef had three balls of dough ready to be polled, topped, & baked. The boys made meat & cheese pizza, while I made a supreme pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, three kinds of chees, olive, and onions.