We visited a local airport that has a small military aviation museum–small, but impressive. All of the artifacts were donated by local veterans and their families. There are showcases and display full of WWII items related to military pilots & flying. The museum in personal to locals; it’s their story.

Along with the personal stories and artifacts, there is one more treasure. Around the corner, in another hanger is a fully restored TPM Avenger, a carrier based torpedo-bomber. Our museum guide was kind enough to let my son in the plane and sit where the crew lived & worked during this chapter of their lives, the war in the Pacific.

I am grateful for the many young men & women who gave years of their lives so the oppressed could be free. I am grateful for those who rescued these beautiful war machines from destruction, saving them for posterity. And I am grateful for our museum guide who let us get up close to this mighty plane.